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Has a transfer bonded on your clothing ever cracked or come off?

At Red Dot we understand that the quality of transfers reflects on the quality of your products, which is why we help you to choose the correct foil so that you can once and for all stop worrying about the quality of your transfers.

We do this by working with world-class foil manufacturers from the sportswear business, where quality and durability are the key to success. Our task is to select the appropriate foil to suit the material being used.

We are one of the few companies that offer:

- A range of coloured reflective films
- super elastic matt films
- non-flammable films
- low bonding temperature films
- elastic and not elastic structured films
- films for use with most DWR materials
- flexible films with blockers (anti-migration)
- films resistant to abrasion (footwear, bags, other)
- thick 3D films
- perforated films
- bonded pockets with and w/o zip fasteners
- Fabric to Fabric lamination and various pattern cutting in the laminated items
- embossing fabrics in order to produce elbow/knee protectors or different patterns

What we do

What we do

For every pattern we receive, we first select the appropriate foil and then conduct the complete production process according to customer requirements - from preparing the pattern to pressing the transfer on the material. This is then sent for further testing.
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Our technology

Our company has a broad range of machinery required for conducting the complete transfer process – from cutting out the pattern in foil to pressing it onto material. We use our high specification plotters, laser and Macpi press to ensure comprehensive customer service.

Transfer foils

At Red Dot we use transfer foils from the largest suppliers in the world which ensures that our customers can always find the appropriate transfer for their material. We make use of the following foils: reflex, highly flexible, flexible, non-flexible, structural.
 How to find us

How to find us

We are based in Bielsko-Biała, where we have our own laboratory for conducting the complete production process. We can also be contacted by email for sending patterns for testing. If you would like to get in touch, please use the contact details below.