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Our services


Thanks to a broad range of machinery, we are able to deliver the following solutions:

  • custom-made pattern and logo cutting
  • bonded pockets
  • fabric to fabric lamination and cut different shapes
  • embossing fabrics in order to produce elbow/knee protectors or different patterns
  • engraving on various materials
  • transfer pressing onto clothing
  • logo design


How to use our services?

The first step is to send us your request together with the specifications.

On the basis of this, we select the appropriate foil and prepare a prototype cut-out which we send to you together with the parameters for you to use for pressing.

If you do not have the necessary press, we can bond the prototype for you onto a sample of our or your material. This can be used for stretch testing, washing etc.

Once you have accepted the prototype, we proceed to realise your order.

You are also welcome to visit our LAB, where we can design a pattern together and instantly see the result on a finished product.